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WaterStreet Business Intelligence Features

Gain access to the following powerful features for business intelligence:

  • Business Intelligence offers drill down capabilities. | WaterStreet Company

    Drill Down Capabilities and Subreports

    Display behind the scenes data sets that are powering your visualizations. Dig into deeper details behind your data. Use supporting data to create subreports for targeted drill downs.

  • Business Intelligence has AI powered anomaly detection. | WaterStreet CompanyAI Powered Anomaly Detection

    Quickly identify data disparities and trends with AI enabled insights from within your dashboard

  • Business Intelligence has natural language exploration. | WaterStreet CompanyNatural Language Exploration

    Use Q&A to explore data and create visualizations. Link questions with data with natural language exploration to easily run snapshot reports.

  • Business Intelligence has a wide range of visualizations. | WaterStreet CompanyWide Range of Visualization Options

    Choose from a variety of visualization options like funnel charts, heat maps, area charts and more.

  • Business Intelligence has insurance focused dashboards and reports. | WaterStreet Company Reports and Dashboards

    The convenient Report Editor allows you to modify and create reports and dashboards on the fly, without extra development. OOTB Reports with 67 standard insurance operations reports included out of the box.

  • Business Intelligence has goals and alerts for insurance experts. | WaterStreet CompanySet Goals and Alerts

    Create limits and thresholds in your reports to notify you when limits are met or exceeded.



Why Business Intelligence (BI)?

Track vital KPIs specific to the Insurance industry in a convenient visual dashboard designed to facilitate insight through data and accelerate data-driven decision-making for executives, business leaders and beyond: Loss Ratio data, Retention rates, Benchmark Gross Written Premium statistics and breakdown by line of business and yearly variances, Total Exposure as well as metrics related to Policies and Claims. Our plug & play dashboards are built in Microsoft Power BI and ready to be placed on top of a standard data lake delivered on the cloud with Microsoft Azure.


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The WaterStreet BI Advantage

Gain the following benefits with business intelligence:

  • Key Data Insights

    WaterStreet provides many out-of-the-box reports, critical to running an insurance business effectively. Our extensive library of reports and dashboards takes advantage of a rich data model to provide reporting at levels most carriers cannot access. Quickly customize standard reports for specific needs.

  • Insurers benefit from key data insights. | WaterStreet CompanyPre-Built Data Model for P&C Insurance

    WaterStreet has brought together decades of P&C insurance expertise to architect an insurance-specific data model to meet the unique needs of P&C insurance carriers that generic horizontal BI tools do not achieve.

  • Insurers benefit from Business Intelligence that is data source agnostic. | WaterStreet CompanyData Source Agnostic

    Using our robust ETL rules and processes, we are able to pull data from multiple data sources for a holistic visual view of operational data.

  • Insurers benefit from Business Intelligence built for insurance. | WaterStreet CompanyWaterStreet Understands Your Business

    We know the challenges that carriers face in managing business because we come from the insurance industry. We have built WaterStreet BI with decades of knowledge and first-hand experiences, bringing you hundreds of insurance industry best practices.

Built with Power BI and Azure

WaterStreet Business Intelligence is built in a Progressive Web Application (PWA), using modern technology to deliver a seamless user experience:

  • Business Intelligence built with Power BI offers offline mode. | WaterStreet CompanyAvailability in Offline Mode

  • Business Intelligence built with Power BI requires no app installations. | WaterStreet CompanyNo App Install Needed

  • Business Intelligence built with Power BI offers affordable maintenance compared to other warehousing options. | WaterStreet CompanySimplified & Cheaper Maintenance

  • Business Intelligence built with Power BI offers lighter applications for fast service. | WaterStreet CompanyLighter Application Improves Speed

Our fully developed API offers a rich set of web services enabling thousands of calls to be easily made to pull various data sets into the platform. We use Azure Data Factory, a cloud ETL service for scale-out serverless data integration that is enterprise data ready. The Azure Data Lake can store data of any size, shape and speed and allows for all types of processing and analytics across multiple platforms and languages.

The Azure Analytics Service (Data Cube) is a no-limits analytics job service that scales instantly and keeps costs to only what you use.

Best In Class Analytics

WaterStreet Company is a Microsoft Gold Partner. | WaterStreet CompanyWaterStreet is a proud Microsoft Gold Partner and utilizes Azure platform services to deliver our Business Intelligence Solution. The WaterStreet Business Intelligence Solution uses Microsoft Power BI for best in class analytics and business intelligence capabilities.

Extract data from multiple sources as Microsoft can seamlessly integrate to any business environment. Built in the cloud, there are no memory or speed constraints.

Advance your business with the next generation of P&C insurance technology through WaterStreet Company.