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P&C Claims Management

Next Generation Software

WaterStreet enables you to get to market faster by providing a preconfigured insurance solution that can be extended to meet the unique needs of your business. Our integrated solution ensures efficiency and provides the tools and capabilities essential to stay competitive in your market. 

WaterStreet Policy Administration is integrated with billing and accounting, claims administration, and document management. Manage the full lifecycle of all your product lines from a single platform.

Next Gen Policy Administration for Claims

Claims professionals are responsible for the direction, leadership, and development of internal audit processes to ensure compliance of best claim practices and procedures. They establish the organizational structure, environment, and accountability of the claims operations to deliver services to the business. They often are tasked with predicting the future based on past events and experiences. Having the tools to efficiently process incoming claims while analyzing trends and taking appropriate and corrective action where necessary are critical in driving the department’s success.

Manage Your Business from One Platform

Policy Administration fully integrated with claims administration, billing, and document management. View policy details, set reserves, issue payments, and upload supporting documentation and files as needed to track claim progress.

End-To-End Claims Management

Log the First Notice of Loss, collect associated documents, identify urgent claims, detect fraud, and improve efficiency while managing high volumes of claims, all without sacrificing quality of service.

Business Process Automation

Automate tasks based on configurable business rules in real-time within the software. Implement data validation to trigger warnings, referrals, and compliance notifications to ensure peak efficiency and greater customer satisfaction.

Analyze Your Claims Cycle

Built-in business intelligence with 50+ industry standard reports and best-in-class analytics tools. Gain insights into your claims process, monitor trends, identify fraudulent activity, accelerate statutory reporting, and much more.

Modernize Your Operations

Cloud-based platform designed to be device-agnostic so claims administrators can access tools from their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, and from any location. Elegant and intuitive workspace allows seamless movement through workflows and tasks.

Open API

Our fully documented API and web services offer interoperability and integration across third-party systems and services. As your business grows and seeks new, innovative data to support claims processes, our API facilitates bringing this vital data into your system.


Lower Costs

Reduce claims management costs by shortening the lifecycle and improved fraud management.

Reduce Errors

Automate routine tasks and track deliverables for better visibility throughout the claims lifecycle.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

WaterStreet delivers automated straight-through processing, allowing you to focus on customer relations throughout the claims process.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Easily consolidate your claims management process for all your business lines into a single system with automated task management.

Do More with WaterStreet

Faster, more efficient workflows mean cost savings for your company and greater customer satisfaction for the insured. Don’t wait to switch from a dated legacy system. The benefits of a cloud-based Policy Administration System allow for company-wide growth and an edge in your competitive landscape.