WaterStreet Billing Platform for P&C Insurance Carriers

  • Automated Billing Cycle Management

    Account, Policy, Payroll, Mortgagee Billing & Invoicing, Premium Refund Processing

  • Multiple Payment Methods

    Credit Card, Lock Box, ACH, Cash Processing

  • Compensation Management

    Agent Commission Disbursement, Incentives, and Payments

  • Configurable Workflow

    Configure billing schedules, business rules, triggers, and forms as business scales

  • Dynamic Document Management

    Built-in Document Management generates Cancellations, Premium Bearing Endorsements, and others automatically

WaterStreet’s Unparalleled Business Value

  • Improved Cash Flow

    Intuitive User Tools and Flexible Workflow to Automate Receivables Management Across Multiple Lines

  • Decrease Operating Costs

    Streamlined Processes Reduce Time and Effort of Billing Administration

  • Enhance Customer Experience

    Portal & Mobile Access, Digital Engagement Capabilities to Elevate the Customer Experience

  • Reduce Billing Errors

    Process Automation and Real-Time Reporting Ensure Fast and Deliver Timely and Accurate Data for Accountability and Visibility