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AI Trends in Insurance Underwriting for 2024

AI Underwriting Trends

The insurance industry brings generative AI to underwriting.

Catastrophe Modeling

A new era of risk assessment for insurance.

2023 Wildfire Trends

Discover the impact of wildfires on P&C insurance in 2023.

Stop PDFing Around

Store and share documents with efficiency and safety.

Florida Business Guide

Learn about unique P&C insurance processes in Florida.

The API Overview

Improve efficiency, scalability and experience.

The Future of Mutual Insurance

Find opportunities for Mutual Insurance growth.

WaterStreet Policy Underwriting Features

A 90 second tour of WaterStreet Underwriting.

WaterStreet PAS Tour

A 2 minute tour of the WaterStreet PAS.

2022 BI Trends

Become a data-first insurer with Business Intelligence.

Shift to a New P&C System

Steps to take when switching to a new system.

I Love It When You Call Me Big Data

Insurers demystify Big Data and Business Intelligence.

Get Your Head Out of Your AS400

When is it time for a new P&C PAS?

16 Q&As for Insurance Analytics

Diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive questions.

2022 P&C Insurance Trends

The 6 P&C insurance trends to watch in 2022.

Waterstreet BI Data Sheet

Key details of the WaterStreet BI Platform.

Home is Where the Smart is

How to leverage the IoT for P&C insurance.

Speed Up the Month-End Close

A 90 second use case for accounting BI.

Ensure Profitability with BI

A 90 second use case for profitability analysis.

Claims Analysis with BI

A 90 second use case for claims analysis.

Portfolio Management with BI

A 90 second use case for property analysis.

The Future of Insurance Sofware

We surveyed 100 insurance executives.

Automation for Monthly Reporting

Close the books faster with automation.

Waterstreet Business Intelligence Platform

The full tour of our BI Platform with reporting.

Sneak Peak: The BI Platform

Our 45 second video of the BI Platform interface.

BPO Data Sheet

Back office and support services to accelerate.

Cloud P&C Insurance Systems

Cloud software overview and key features.

BI for Insurance Data Sheet

Our quick resource for the WaterStreet BI Platform.

Waterstreet Solutions Guide

Do more, starting now with WaterStreet Company.

BI for Claims

How claims managers can accelerate reporting.

BI for Underwriting

How underwriters can take control.

BI for Accounting

How accountants can set reserves.

BI for Product Management

How portfolio managers analyze profitability.

BI for Insurance Management

How executives make data-driven decisions.

Security and Performance

Achieve compliance and confidence.

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