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Insurers and MGAs will now have access to WaterStreet Company’s updated P&C Policy Administration Software as well as a new experience with our refreshed, modernized website.

When browsing our website, you’ll notice a new look and feel with improved navigation, resources and company information. We’re here to provide a better policy administration experience, including how you access us right here on

WaterStreet’s New Policy Administration Suite

Many insurers across the nation are bogged down by tedious administrative software. This legacy software requires excess IT resources, custom development and more to deploy new products. This fall, WaterStreet Company is changing how you take new products to market.

We have eschewed the old-school and outdated process of utilizing custom development to manage insurance products, and now offer in-application tools to configure products and rates in real time! Cut your go-live dates from months down to weeks, speeding up time to market and reducing overhead costs to manage software measurably. Here are some more of our cutting edge platform’s exciting features:

  • Sleek new design offers a modern interface for improved user experience.
  • Built-in Business Intelligence for everything from standard end-of-month close reporting to advanced analytics for predictive insights.
  • Expanded Application Programming Interface and web services pull any data type throughout the policy life cycle.
  • The entire system is built on a Progressive Web Application, meaning light-weight, flexible code makes up the software and can be accessed anywhere, from any type of device.

WaterStreet Company Services

We’ve also updated many aspects of our services offered with our new eFFicient Services Suite, making WaterStreet your one-stop-shop for the entire policy life cycle! These services include:

  • Print and Distribution
  • Live Customer Service
  • Payment Processing

Why Has WaterStreet Upgraded Policy Administration Offerings?

Policy Administration Software (PAS) is the central solution behind every P&C insurance business.

Every transaction within an insurance company runs through the PAS. When agents create quotes, fill out applications and help people get coverage for home, auto, or liability, the PAS processes this information. On the more administrative side, the PAS is used to reconcile ledgers and account for regulatory reporting. It is also where product managers and underwriters review insurance products and make changes to how they rate various types of risk.

With so much accountability in a core solution, insurers and MGAs today need to rely on a modern, fast and flexible PAS for today’s data-driven world. We’ve overhauled our existing User Interface (UI) to give you a sleek and elegant experience with lighter code that will work on any sort of device. End users with no coding experience are able to create new insurance products as well as make updates to existing products, rates, and documents using tools within the UI, rather than in code.

Scale your insurance business and count on us to keep your team focused on your customers, not your software.

About WaterStreet Company

WaterStreet Company delivers best-in-class solutions for P&C insurers.

This year, we’ve launched our Business Intelligence Suite to help insurers track vital key performance indicators specific to the insurance industry. Next, we’re scaling our upgraded Policy Administration Suite and eFFicient Services Suite to provide a modernized one-stop shop for all insurance businesses.

We provide advanced P&C Insurance Software designed to grow with your business, allowing integration with next-generation solutions.

Ready to Take Action?

Reach out to WaterStreet Company today to request a consultation and demo of our solutions.

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