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What is the Difference Between a Partner and Integrator?

By October 7, 2021March 25th, 2024No Comments

When it comes to choosing the right PAS solution, insurers often hear about the need to integrate their solution with others.

Some PAS solutions may not include a full suite of connections, requiring integrations with a third-party solution to enable everything the company needs. Some PAS providers also offer connections to partners, which are often preferred integration partners.

WaterStreet Company’s PAS solution is not only a full suite covering all the needs of modern P&C insurers, we also allow for unlimited unique connections to your solution through our advanced API.

Partner vs Integrator

The difference between a partner and an integrator is subtle and may not affect how you require your solution to connect to third-party data. Both a partner and an integrator allows insurers to connect to third-party data in a PAS environment.

Partners – A partner is a preferred third-party connection recommended by the solution’s vendor. Many software vendors form partnerships with third-party solutions to allow customers premiere access to the third-party data or to obtain certain rights while integrating with the vendor.

Integrators – An integrator is any third-party solution that is able to integrate with your PAS. The PAS vendor is able to connect and pull data from the third-party solution through an API so that you can access the data from your PAS. The relationship between the PAS vendor and an integrator is agnostic. There may be integrators the PAS vendor is most experienced with. New integrators are always possible with WaterStreet Company. With other PAS solutions, third-party connections may be limited by technological challenges or preferred partnerships.

WaterStreet Company Integrations

WaterStreet Company has vast experience integrating our policy administration suite with numerous third-party connections. We take a vendor agnostic approach when discussing the needs to connect our customers to third-party providers. Our customers have limitless options when choosing to connect to a third-party solution and WaterStreet Company is prepared to help guide the integration process.

Here is a quick list of PAS integrations we have provided:

  • Core Logic
  • Forte
  • HazardHub
  • Insurance Risk Services
  • LexisNexis
  • Microsoft
  • Millennium
  • OneInc
  • SDII
  • Simply Easier Payments
  • VMWare
  • Willis Towers Watson
  • Mueller
  • Vertafore
  • Livegenic

Of these integrators, we are partners with the following:

  • Gold Partner with Microsoft and Azure products
  • HazardHub
  • Forte
  • LiveGenic

When building our PAS, we prioritized our advanced Application Programming Interface (API), allowing connections to any number of third-party providers. WaterStreet Company solutions are built in a native cloud environment, fully leveraging public cloud networks.

Here are the main benefits of choosing a vendor agnostic PAS provider.


  • WaterStreet Company customers are able to discuss with our implementation team any number of unique third-party requirements.
  • Our solutions allow any number of unique use cases, such as payment processing, risk assessment, and IoT data collection. Our PAS comes fully capable of managing Policy Administration, Billing & Accounting, Claims Administration, Reporting & Analytics, Document Management and a white-labled Insured Portal, without any integrations necessary.
  • Our development team is prepared to implement the technology to grow and differentiate your offerings.

About WaterStreet Company

Native cloud hosting enhances insurers’ long term positioning in the market, allowing competition with anyone and anywhere in the digital age. Our vendor-agnostic approach and advanced API gives our customers limitless options when selecting integrators.

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