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The First Notice of Loss (FNOL) sets the stage for how insurance claims submissions will be handled.

For carriers, this means acting quickly to understand the depth of damage, to satisfy and retain your worried policyholder, and to detect early fraud.

P&C Insurance Technology makes this even easier by allowing self service claims submissions. At the FNOL, the policyholder can directly document their claim through a mobile application. This information is then pulled into WaterStreet Company’s solution for all documents to be organized in one place for review.

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What is Insurance Self Service?

Insurance Self Service is the method of allowing policyholders to submit their information directly to carriers for faster communication.

Claims submissions is an example of a process that can be made more efficient with self service. WaterStreet Company has partnered with Livegenic for enabling self service while submitting claims. The insured is able to easily submit the FNOL through their mobile device, gathering pictures and providing context to the damage behind their claim. The information is pulled automatically into WaterStreet’s unified solution for policy administrators to access all relevant information in one place.

Self Service & Claims In Action

When the policyholder encounters a problem with an insured asset, they need to get in touch with their carrier right away.

Livegenic is a mobile application that the insured can download and connect directly to the carrier’s P&C Insurance Solution. At the scene of a car accident, many insured drivers know to take pictures of the accident scene to help document damages. With Livegenic, the insured can directly take pictures or video and upload them through the app in real time, providing FNOL and supportive documents for the policy administrator to review.

Take a look at the following walk-through of how carriers can easily work with Livegenic to enable self service claims submissions:

Why Enable Self Service Claims?

Policyholders benefit from faster and more direct communication with their carriers through self service claims submissions. Self service is a growing expectation from policyholders today as they seek carriers that can adequately fit their needs.

Submitting a claim can be a stressful moment in the insured’s life. To retain customers, carriers are challenged with meeting higher expectations for faster service, especially when it comes to emergencies.

With a unified P&C Solution, the policyholder’s data is in one place. WaterStreet Company has a robust API which allows it to connect with many third party vendors. Livegenic’s self service appis one example of how carriers can improve the ways claims data is submitted, providing faster and higher quality service.

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