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WaterStreet Company Announces Campus Expansion

By April 29, 2021July 18th, 2023No Comments

WaterStreet Company is proud to announce the completion of our new office expansion.

After a year of renovations, we’re thrilled to begin inviting employees back to campus to enjoy the company’s additional location. The campus expansion is located directly across from our original office space here in Kalispell, Montana.

WaterStreet Company is dedicated to serving all facets of the Property & Casualty Insurance Sector. Since 2000, our company has been dedicated to enabling insurers to increase efficiencies, realize cost reductions and focus on core objectives.

The campus expansion includes a reception area, kitchen, lunch room, conference areas and ample office space.

The primary departments relocating to the expanded campus include our mail distribution center and many areas of our IT department, including developers, business analysts and c-level management.

WaterStreet Company is excited to introduce everyone to the newly renovated location, fully prepared with the help of an interior design team to adapt our culture and brand values to a beautiful new space.

The company plans to begin inviting employees back to campus this May 2021. We look forward to seeing the expanded campus in use with daily activities after months of anticipation.

We thank all who have helped us prepare for this transition and brought our new location to life.

Reach out to WaterStreet Company today to request a consultation and demo of our solutions.

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