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Explore the dynamic world of Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance through innovative storytelling. The best insurance marketing campaigns captivate audiences, build brand recognition, and redefine success in a competitive landscape.

WaterStreet Company offers cloud-based Policy Administration for P&C insurance, designed by insurance experts for insurance experts.

How to Create the Best Marketing Campaign?

Behind every great marketing campaign is deep research and planning.

Audience Research

Comprehensive research and customer surveys provide insurers with valuable insights into customer behaviors, preferences and pain points.These efforts enable a deep understanding of the target audience, facilitating tailored messages that resonate with their specific needs and preferences.

Brand Recognition

When creating a new marketing campaign, it’s important for existing customers to recognize your brand as it takes on a new story. New customers and old customers should be drawn to your messaging to easily recognize your company within the details of your campaign across platforms.

The Campaign Landing Page

Consider the final stop for your campaign. Your website is the gateway where your audience will find you after a successful campaign. Be sure to have a landing page ready, optimized for SEO, to draw search traffic. Consider promoting this landing page in a number of ways across digital platforms.

3 Best Marketing Campaigns

1. Martin the Gecko

The iconic mascot of GEICO insurance has become synonymous with the brand and a cornerstone of their highly successful marketing campaigns. Martin embodies the friendly, informative and approachable image that GEICO aims to project. With his distinctive Cockney accent and charming personality, Martin has become a memorable and endearing figure in the insurance advertising landscape.

What sets Martin apart is his ability to simplify complex insurance concepts into relatable and entertaining narratives. His presence in GEICO’s marketing materials helps demystify insurance jargon, making it more accessible to a broad audience. Through humor and wit, Martin engages viewers and creates a positive association with the brand. This simplicity and approachability contribute to GEICO’s widespread appeal, reaching diverse demographics with an effective blend of humor and information.

Target Audience: GEICO originally targeted federal employees and gradually developed a marketing strategy for men and women ages 24-64. The company’s viral pitch, “15 minutes could save you 15% or more” helped attract new customers with discounted rates, leading them to have the greatest market share for auto insurance.

2. Flo and the Squad

Flo, the effervescent and always-smiling Progressive cashier, stands out as the face of Progressive and a likely character customers will find when interacting with the company. Flo and the squad have left an indelible mark on the advertising landscape, contributing significantly to the brand’s widespread recognition and success.

What sets Flo apart is her versatility as a character and compatibility with side characters, making up an approachable clique. Flo and the squad’s success lies in their ability to humanize the insurance experience with relatable characters. Whether navigating customers through policy options or starring in humorous and relatable commercials, Flo effectively communicates Progressive’s commitment to simplifying insurance. The squad, comprising characters like Jamie and Mara, complements Flo’s presence by adding diversity and humor to Progressive’s campaigns.

Target Audience: Progressive Insurance’s target audience is men and women ages 31-45 with a focus on innovation and customer experience. Their marketing tactics aim to reach the millennial and Gen X generations, showcased best by the Dr. Rick Brooks “Turning into Your Parents” commercials. The company offers bundled insurance rates and has had success with the Name Your Price Tool, which allows customers to enter a budget and adjust coverage.

3. LiMu Emu

LiMu Emu’s offbeat charm and Doug’s deadpan humor create a dynamic duo that captures attention and fosters brand recognition for Liberty Mutual. LiMu Emu’s appeal lies in his unconventional yet endearing presence. With his distinctive appearance and penchant for unexpected antics, he adds a touch of humor and unpredictability to Liberty Mutual’s marketing campaigns.

The success of Limu Emu can be attributed to Liberty Mutual’s innovative approach to storytelling. LiMu Emu’s uniqueness aligns with Liberty Mutual’s commitment to offering personalized and unexpected solutions for their customers. By incorporating a quirky animal side-kick into their marketing strategy, the company has created a campaign that stands out, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

Target Audience: Liberty Mutual’s target audience takes a different approach. This insurer is focused on families of college students, including parents, grandparents and students. The insurer’s offerings are personalized and varied to meet the needs of their customer base with the saying, “you only pay for what you need.” The company’s Statue of Liberty branding allows them to be timeless and recognizable while pitching quirky and fun messaging to new audiences.

WaterStreet P&C Insurance Software

WaterStreet Company provides insurers with cloud-based solutions and an advanced API for your solution to grow with the company. We understand the importance for carriers and MGAs to adapt to market changes. Ask us about our additional services for accounting, policy, distribution and customer service support.

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