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WaterStreet Policy Administration

Get to market faster with our preconfigured insurance solution that can be extended to meet the unique needs of your business. Our integrated solution ensures efficiency and provides the tools and capabilities essential to stay competitive in your market.

WaterStreet Policy Administration is built with a rules-based structure, customizable to your standards. Easily set your underwriting rules and guidelines. Automate tasks based on configurable business rules in real time within the software. Implement data validation to trigger warnings, referrals, and compliance notifications to ensure new policies comply with underwriting rules.

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Policy Administration Features

  • Integrated end-to-end policy lifecycle management

  • Configurable products and workflows

  • Real-time premium calculation

  • Automated underwriting decisions

  • Straight-through processing with little or no manual intervention

  • Access-controlled agency profiles

  • Commission management

  • Premium billing and accounting

  • On-demand document generation

  • Built-in content management system

  • Integrated claims management

  • Integrated business intelligence

  • White-labeled insured portal

  • Imbedded workflow analytics

  • Policy dashboards display role-based activity in a single view

  • Automated work items

  • Business rule alerts and guided resolutions

  • In-app help articles and walkthroughs


Do More with WaterStreet.

Cloud-based platform

Designed to function on any device so you can access tools from anywhere. Built for speed, and to provide simpler and cheaper maintenance.

Azure cloud infrastructure

Securely scale your operations with industry best practices. Security and performance monitoring provide confidence in your information and service integrity.

Robust API

Connect to any number of desired third-party solutions to create the ultimate insurance ecosystem.

Self-service tools

Accelerate your speed to market with no-code configuration tools that empower you to modify offerings based on your unique business needs.

Modern workspace

Move seamlessly through your workflows in our elegant and intuitive workspace. Don’t waste time struggling with how to use the system.

Complete insurance ecosystem

Policy Administration System fully integrated with billing, claims management, and business intelligence, with a built-in insured portal.

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