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P&C Insurance Management

Next Generation Software

WaterStreet enables you to get to market faster by providing a preconfigured insurance solution that can be extended to meet the unique needs of your business. Our integrated solution ensures efficiency and provides the tools and capabilities essential to stay competitive in your market.

WaterStreet Policy Administration is integrated with billing and accounting, claims administration, and document management. Manage the full lifecycle of all your product lines from a single platform.

Next Gen Policy Administration for P&C Insurance Management

Insurance executives are faced with leading strategic initiatives to drive growth including program design, talent management, and partnership development, while also limiting risk and loss exposure across their product mix. Providing modern solutions to keep up with market demands, the flexibility to make quick changes, and providing excellent customer service is of utmost importance.

Manage Your Business from One Platform

Policy Administration fully integrated with billing, claims administration, and document management. The WaterStreet Platform is a fully managed, cloud solution deployed and hosted with Microsoft Azure web services. This high-availability solution delivers security and scalability to support all your business lines in all states.

Go Live in Weeks Instead of Months

Get to market faster with fully configurable products and workflows. Low-code/No-code configuration tools empower you to modify offerings based on your unique business needs.

Make Data-driven Decisions

Built-in business intelligence with 50+ industry standard reports and best-in-class analytics tools. Track KPIs, analyze production and profitability, identify key loss drivers, and more.

Modernize Your Operations

Cloud-based platform designed to be device-agnostic so producers can access tools from their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, and from any location. Elegant and intuitive workspace allows seamless movement through workflows and tasks. 

Business Process Automation

Embedded workflow analytics track workflow issues and inefficiencies to ensure optimal operations. With workflow automation and easy rule configuration, minimize bottlenecks and easily access information when it comes to underwriting, claims, customer service and much more.

Open API

Our fully documented API and web services offer interoperability and integration across third-party systems and services. As your business grows and seeks new, innovative data to support decisions, our API facilitates bringing this vital data into your system.


Faster Speed to Market

True implementation and configuration support services enable you to respond faster to changing market demands.

Reduce Errors

Process automation and real-time reporting ensure fast and accurate data for accountability and visibility.

Improve Producer Performance

Leverage Business Intelligence to identify cross-selling opportunities and greater opportunities for expansion.

Enhance Customer Experience

Insured portal and mobile access, digital engagement capabilities elevate the customer experience.

Do More with WaterStreet

Faster, more efficient workflows mean cost savings for your company and greater customer satisfaction for the insured. Don’t wait to switch from a dated legacy system. The benefits of a cloud-based Policy Administration System allow for company-wide growth and an edge in your competitive landscape.

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