WaterStreet Document Management for P&C Insurance Carriers

  • Retain Any Document

    The WaterStreet P&C Insurance System comes with built in document management giving you access to claims, proposals, emails and any other document needed from a single system

  • Simplify Workflow and Tasks

    Easily view any file type, create tasks and diary entries, and generate work assignments for various user roles in the system

  • Real-Time Access

    All documents are fully available in the cloud-based system offering access to any document from anywhere at anytime

  • A Complete Account View

    From a single system, you can access account history, claims history, policy detail, and other information without the need to keep opening and closing files

WaterStreet’s Unparalleled Business Value

  • Control Costs

    This simple user interface is built right into the WaterStreet P&C Policy Administration system eliminating the need to have multiple software solutions in place

  • Streamline Operations

    Automated workflow, assignment of tasks, real-time notifications, and diary entries allow users to immediately start processing and underwriting without manual work-arounds

  • Stay Compliant

    Maintain uniform schedules across all files that are retained in the Waterstreet P&C Policy Administration system

  • Reduce Workflow Bottlenecks

    Simple task assignment and notifications removes roadblocks for using allowing them to get more done in the system