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WaterStreet Insurance API Provider: Expand Your Capabilities

Our Open RESTful API Suite allows connection to any number of desired third-party solutions. As your business grows and seeks new, innovative data to support decisions, our API facilitates bringing this vital data into your system.

220+ Optimized Endpoints

Developed using the latest design principles to ensure optimal performance. (Hypermedia, E-tags, paging, etc.)

Robust Documentation

Documentation is generated directly from code ensuring that the documentation is always current and aligned with the latest API version.

Supports Headless Implementations

Clients can develop their own user interface to ensure branding alignment while retaining all the back-end functionality.

Easy to Extend Functionality

New features can rapidly be developed without impacting the core codebase.

Supports Expanding Ecosystem

Advanced security and robust documentation ensures our application is easy to interact with no compromise to security.


Flexible Secure Payment Processing

Third-party billing solutions can be integrated directly into your solution, providing quick and simple methods for customers to complete transactions.

Accelerate Risk Assessment

Connect to a range of property data vendors, geolocation vendors, and Internet of Things vendors to boost your underwriting efficiency.

Seamless Customer Experience

Integrate with e-sign vendors and other services to grant policy holders access to their documents at any time with a white-label portal, providing simple and quick access when they need it.

Boost Claims Management

Integrate with self-service claims vendors to allow customers to submit FNOL, upload pictures and videos, and provide notes on the claim to enable real-time information capture and a faster claims process.

Do More with WaterStreet

The P&C Insurance Industry is moving towards an API ecosystem. Insurers that choose to open their insurance systems to communicate with outside data are at an advantage by bringing more contextual data into their system.

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