Switching to a new P&C Insurance System is one of the toughest challenges for today’s insurers.

In order to adapt to emerging trends, carriers must weigh their options. Cloud-based and robust insurance solutions bring the promise of better workflows, easier customer service and advanced third party integrations, offering a wealth of data within the new system.

Hear first-hand from our customers on their experiences with WaterStreet Company’s P&C Insurance Solutions and Services and continue reading 15+ of our customer reviews below. Reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for your company today.

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P&C Insurance System Testimonial Videos

Video Transcript

The capabilities at WaterStreet that really stand out to me is the fact that they invest so much time and effort into growing not only their company but our company. And there’s a true partnership and the passion that the guys and girls that we work with there, I mean, it just goes forward into our business.

Video Transcript

We were on a legacy system on an AS 400, it put us at a competitive disadvantage. Our agents really couldn’t get any functionality out of it, our insured certainly couldn’t get anything out of it, and it was really difficult
for us to do any changes or even to program any new products. WaterStreet
system gave us that flexibility and gave us that functionality.

Video Transcript

They are very customer-focused as we are. We both jointly are working towards the same goal of taking care of the customer, and for those reasons, I think they do a great job with customer service.

Video Transcript

They helped us in every direction that they could. When they could not they
found out how to help us, and they just did not leave us empty-handed. They were always there.

Policy Support Testimonials

Policy Support requires very close attention to detail. Our team evaluates your company’s needs through implementation and beyond when ensuring adoption of a new Policy Administration System. We determine rules within the system for cataloging product lines and allow administrators to work with an easy workflow for signing up new customers. Over time, we offer fast Policy Support Services for ongoing questions, new product lines and software updates to meet end-user needs.

“Since day one, Maison’s strategy has centered on the ability to roll out new products in new states quickly and effectively. That’s a recurring theme for companies who partner with the insurance-tech specialists at WaterStreet Company.”
– Doug Raucy | President & CEO, Maison Insurance Co.

“Thanks for everything! I appreciate the fast turnaround and all of the other help the WaterStreet team gave me.”
– Gregory C. Brown | Southshore/Northshore Insurance Agency

“Thanks to people like you, Prepared Insurance Co. is now my preferred carrier. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I’ll stop by and visit you when I’m in Montana again.”
– Jon Spickelmier | Owner, Spicklemier Insurance Agency

“The experience for us and our customers has been great. Very refreshing and very grateful for our customers and the opportunity that you have given our agency. Hope you can pull more policies in this year. Thanks again to you and the entire Maison team.”
– Sean Luarca | Agent, Luarca-Bradshaw Insurance Agency

Underwriting Services Testimonials

Underwriting is a calculated duty. For assessing binded policyholders, we give underwriters the tools to success. WaterStreet Company offers a robust API to bring new data into the underwriting process, allowing underwriters to reach their full potential of weighing the risks to insure. With emerging trends such as IoT, we pride ourselves in enabling advanced connections with third party data.

“I wanted to let you know that late Friday I needed to get underwriting help with an issue. The problem was resolved because your staff cared enough to work overtime that evening until it was fixed. Every time I call your organization, your staff have been extremely helpful and worked hard to resolve the problem. I am very appreciative of their hard work.”
– Jim Roseberry | Roseberry Insurance

Accounting Services Testimonials

Accounting Services require complete accuracy and transparency. Our accounting support service is staffed with licensed professionals to help your company gain business control, value creation, and cost improvement along the finance value chain. Our Reporting and Analytics solution provides template reporting for over 60+ repeatable, necessary reports. Gain additional insight into Loss Reserves and Litigation Tracking to follow the total flow of your company’s financials.

“Thanks to you, our ISO statistical data report card was exceptional: 100 percent for accuracy and timeliness of data. Thanks for your attention to detail.”
– Ashley Hester | VP, Underwriting and Product Development, Americas Insurance Company

“Your team performed extremely well after this storm. I see nothing you should change. The check writing system was flawless — we received most of the checks within two days of processing.”
– Bill Schulenberg | Owner/Claims Manager, Apple Adjusters, Inc.

“Easy access to real-time information through their portals has been a major differentiator for us. That’s another WaterStreet strong point.”
– Doug Raucy | President & CEO, Maison Insurance Co.

Software Support Testimonials

Our software support specialists stand with our customers every step of the way. Our team of professionals is dedicated to understanding your company’s unique challenges and providing the best possible technical solutions. Our goal is in end-user adoption, enabling your people to realize the potential of WaterStreet solutions.

“I would advise every insurance company to find a tech partner that goes beyond delivering software and services to give you what WaterStreet calls Extrasourcing.”
– Doug Raucy | President & CEO, Maison Insurance Co.

“Too many times in business, good work does not get recognized. I wanted to reach out and tell you how pleased we are with the work being done by your group. We are happy that we have partnered with you and hope the relationship can grow. If you need a reference, you can reach out to me and you will get a very good one.”
– Larry Barker | CFO, Hanover Fire and Casualty Insurance Company

“As with every WaterStreet Summit, the setting is unsurpassed. We received great value from every aspect of the conference – meeting with WaterStreet staff, the interesting and valuable presentations and interaction with current and prospective WaterStreet clients alike.”
– Ross D. Miller | President, Hanover Fire and Casualty Insurance Company

Customer Service Testimonials

In every time of need, fast service means better efficiencies, greater cost savings and the highest overall satisfaction. Don’t waste time on a problem when our Customer Service Center is just a call away. Our staff is ready to take on daily challenges to find your ideal solution every day.

“Perfect example of great customer service between client and agent and agent to insurance company! This is exactly how this situation should work.”
– Mark T. McNany, LUTCF,CISR | Standard Mortgage Insurance

“You always answer the phone with a smile! No matter what my problem, you don’t make me feel like I am annoying you.”
– Danielle Yuratich | Accessible Insurance

“I wanted to reach out and tell you how pleased we are with the work being done by your group. We are happy that we have partnered with you and hope the relationship can grow.”
– Larry Barker | CFO, Hanover Fire & Casualty Insurance

“It felt good to read this letter from a very HAPPY insured/claimant; thus, I am compelled to share it with all of you who are in this business for the right reasons – to put people’s homes, belongings and lives back together when affected by a fortuitous event.”
– Mike Callahan | Claims Manager, Sawgrass Mutual Insurance Company

“I wanted to let you know that your customer service staff are very pleasant and go out of their way to be helpful. I know it’s not often that people take the time to call and praise when a job is done right — they only want to complain when things go wrong. I just wanted you to know that your staff are exceptional.”
– Roger | Agent, Camellia Insurance Agency

“You are the Best! Thank you so much for helping with this task as it means a lot to the agents. I have had so many good Customer Service reviews this week. The WS team is killing it!”
– Rod Simmons | Territory Manager, Maison Insurance Company


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