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Nautix is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud-based infrastructure leveraging App Services with DevOps

integration providing secure, highly available, and fully managed web application for our clients. Each client is

assigned a unique Microsoft Azure subscription containing their App Service plans and resources.

1. Microsoft Azure App Services.

a. High availability is accomplished with redundant instances of all production applications in East and

West US. This includes all production UIs, Databases, APIs, document storage, and all other aspects of

our client’s web applications.

  • This provides both load balancing and automated failover.

b. Full database backups are created daily and retained for 6 months.

c. In addition, our standard Azure App Services configuration provides:

  • Custom domain management
  • Integrated TLS/SSL certificate Management
  • Firewall management
  • Full scalability, allowing the resources to grow quickly with the needs of each client

d. Azure DevOps Integration provides Continuous deployment with test and staging environments built

into the workflow.

e. By building our web applications on Microsoft Azure App Services they are inherently ISO, SOC, and PCI compliant.

  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Defender to ensure secure cloud computing
  • Threat detection, prevention, alerting, and analysis.


2. Client Cloud Configuration.

a. Microsoft Azure

b. Operating System: Windows

c. Stack: .NET Core

d. Custom Domain with SSL certificate/binding and Firewall management

e. Redundant Application and Database resources (provide Load balancing and Automated Failover)

  • Mirrored resources, one each in East US and West US regions

App Service Plan

     a. Web Application App Service

     b. Server App Service

  •   Microsoft SQL Server (SQL Database)
  • APIs

     c. Custom Domain management

     d. Managed Firewall

     e. Fully scalable

     f. TSL/SSL Certificate management

f. Azure App Services are inherently ISO, SOC, and PCI compliant.

g. Daily back ups – 2 weeks (Hot tier)

h. Weekly backups – year 1 (Cold tier)

i. Weekly backups – year 2 (Archive tier)

  1. Microsoft Defender Integration
  2. Threat detection, prevention, alerting, and analysis

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