Customer Testimonials

The companies we work with express their appreciation all the time. You may be interested in what insurance professionals like yourself say about their experiences with WaterStreet.
Customer Service
You are the Best! Thank you so much for helping with this task as it means a lot to the agents. I have had so many good Customer Service reviews this week. The WS team is killing it! Rod Simmons Territory Manager Maison Insurance Company
Customer Service
"We love Maison and are very appreciative of being associated with your organization.  The experience for us and our customers has been great.  Maison's customer service (provided by WaterStreet Company) has been very professional and polite with all service related items.  Very refreshing and very grateful for our customers and the opportunity that you have given our agency.  Hope you can pull more policies in this year.  Thanks again to you and the entire Maison team ."
Sean Luarca
Luarca-Bradshaw Insurance Agency
Customer Service
"I wanted to let you know that late Friday I needed to get underwriting help with an issue.  The problem was resolved because your staff cared enough to work overtime that evenilng until it was fixed.  Every time I call your organization, your staff have been extremely helpful and worked hard to resolve the problem.  I am very appreciative of their hard work."
Jim Roseberry
Roseberry Insurance
System Implementation
"Within 90 days, we were up and running.  The implementation process was well orchestrated and had Coastal American operational with very few issues.  Having been with WaterStreet for a few months, I am very happy with the system and their services team and I know that Coastal American made the right partner choice."
Ned Dolese
Coastal American Insurance Company
Customer Service
"I wanted to let you know that your customer service staff are very pleasant and go out of their way to be helpful.  I know it's not often that people take the time to call and praise when a job is done right -- they only want to complain when things go wrong.  I just wanted you to know that your staff are exceptional."
Camellia Insurance Agency
"As with every WaterStreet Summit, the setting is unsurpassed. We received great value from every aspect of the conference - meeting with WaterStreet staff, the interesting and valuable presentations and interaction with current and prospective WaterStreet clients alike. The Summit is always a highlight of the year for me and our staff."
Ross D. Miller
Hanover Fire and Casualty Insurance Company
"Too many times in business, good work does not get recognized.  I wanted to reach out and tell you how pleased we are with the work being done by your group.  We are happy that we have partnered with you and hope the relationship can grow.  If you need a reference, you can reach out to me and you will get a very good one."
Larry Barker
Chief Financial Officer
Hanover Fire and Casualty Insurance Company
"It felt good to read this letter from a very HAPPY insured/claimant; thus, I am compelled to share it with all of you who are in this business for the right reasons – to put people’s homes, belongings and lives back together when  affected by a fortuitous event.  Providing the service that you do often times is thankless and seems unrecognized – another reason I’m calling this letter to your attention."
Mike Callahan
Claims Manager
Sawgrass Mutual Insurance Company
Customer Service
“You always answer the phone with a smile! No matter what my problem, you don’t make me feel like I am annoying you."
Danielle Yuratich
Accessible Insurance
New Orleans, LA
Statistical Reports
"Thanks to you, our ISO statistical data report card was exceptional: 100 percent for accuracy and timeliness of data. Thanks for your attention to detail."
Ashley Hester
Vice President, Underwriting and Product Development
Americas Insurance Company
Customer Service
"A perfect example of great customer service, from client to agent to insurance company! This is exactly how it should work. Thank you."
Mark T. McNany, LUTCF, CISR
Personal Lines Sales
Standard Mortgage Insurance Company
"Your team performed extremely well after this storm. I see nothing you should change. The check writing system was flawless — we received most of the checks within two days of processing."
Bill Schulenberg
Owner/Claims Manager
Apple Adjusters, Inc.
"Thanks for everything! I appreciate the fast turnaround and all of the other help the WaterStreet team gave me."
Gregory C. Brown, MBA
Southshore/Northshore Insurance Agency
Customer Service
"Thanks to people like you, Prepared Insurance Co. is now my preferred carrier. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I'll stop by and visit you when I'm in Montana again."
Jon Spickelmier
Spicklemier Insurance Agency