You know the cloud is your future. But you can’t get lost in the fog. There’s no turning back; the industry standard is an environment where data about you and your customers lives securely on remote servers, not in your back office.

But as you transition to the cloud, you face the challenge of sorting out the technical options and controlling your next upgrade — and the one after that. To save yourself from information overload and an endless cycle of upgrades, look to WaterStreet, where you can Extrasource the most demanding aspects of your IT operations.

The Cloud and All That Comes With It Tailored for Your Business

No more legacy systems, browser-based applications, or mainframes to bog you down. Just real-time access, advanced security, and the assurance that your data is always there for you, your agents, your staff, and your customers. WaterStreet makes it possible with an integrated suite of systems designed for the insurance industry from the ground up: policy management, claims administration, regulatory and business reporting, and an insured portal, all working together seamlessly.

Policy Management
  • Total quote-to-claim policy lifecycle support
  • Configurable, rules-based structure, customizable to your standards
  • Straight-through processing with little or no manual intervention
  • Real-time premium calculation and underwriting
  • Anywhere/anytime policy sales, quoting, issuance, and management
  • A user-friendly, access-controlled agency profile
  • Integrated, universal document management
  • A standardized online quoting process
  • Web-based rating, quoting, and binding based on intelligent underwriting business rules
  • Comprehensive underwriting rules and edits that you control
  • Automated workflow data validation to trigger warnings, referrals, and compliance notifications
  • External-data plug-ins
Claims Administration
  • A streamlined, labor-saving interface
  • Robust search capabilities
  • Fully integrated business process and workflow management
  • Log/memo/diary-based risk management
  • Integrated vendor management tracking and documentation
  • Automated loss- and loss-expense payment initiation, approval, and execution
  • Web-service protocols for third-party data transfer
  • Litigation lifecycle tracking
  • Claims accounting and other cost management functions
Regulatory and Business Reporting
  • Customizable real-time data analytics
  • Automated generation of state-required reports
  • Statistical data transmission to rating service organizations
  • Real-time third-party POS validation
  • Automated exposure data reporting
  • Quick access to earned premium, incurred loss, exposure, and underwriting data
  • Downloadable, customizable standard accounting reports
  • Easy report generation
Insured Portal
  • An interface designed for users who prefer self-service channels
  • Total insurer control of portal
  • Comprehensive security level selection
  • Compatibility with all media platforms, including smartphones and tablets
  • Claim tracking
  • Automated payments
  • Policy-detail and status validation
  • Document, form, and invoice printing
  • An advanced FAQ function
  • White-label brand integration