Our Solutions

The Customizable Full Service Management Solution from WaterStreet gives you turn-on-a-dime flexibility. That means when you spot an opportunity to grow your business or improve your competitive position, you’ll be able to respond almost instantly. You’ll never miss out because your software lacks the functionality you need.

Whether you’re a claims adjuster in the field, a company underwriter, or a home-office agent, you’ll get fast, seamless, total access all the way — from quoting, binding, and application to payment and issuance. Advanced security features are built in, with overlapping windows, interactive browser screens, and field validation. Your clients can view the data that you want them to see safely and easily.

End-to-End Solutions

WaterStreet property and casualty insurance solutions trim your workload and build peace of mind.


  • Policy Administration
  • Claims Administration
  • Insured Portal
  • Analytics and Reporting


  • Customer Service
  • Tier I Underwriting
  • Accounting and Premium Billing and Collections
  • Printing, Assembly and Distribution
  • Implementation and Transition
  • Custom Development