How We Work

Think of WaterStreet Extrasourcing as the ideal way to amplify your competitive advantage without staffing up or making heavy infrastructure investments. Your customers get industry-leading support from trained service specialists, and you gain access to all the advanced technology and technical talent you need for an up-to-the-minute, “in-office” system experience.

Your Center of Expertise

By turning to us for day-to-day assistance in policy and claims administration, you free your agents, underwriters, adjusters, and managers to focus on what they do best. At the same time, you continuously boost your:

  • Technical superiority
  • Cost control
  • Budget flexibility

What makes it all possible is our constant drive to recruit highly qualified professionals and refine their professional skills. Today, more than 75 expert insurance and technology specialists develop and maintain our fourth-generation, web-based approach.

Management Team

Specializing in management solutions for property and casualty insurance companies for more than a decade

  • Averaging more than 30 years of insurance, technical, and operational experience
  • Fostering a culture of individual development and team accomplishment
Service Team
  • Specifically trained in customer service etiquette
  • 100% graduates of our University of WaterStreet professional studies program
  • More than 95% Associate in Insurance Services (AINS) designated
Technology Team
  • 100% Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certified
  • 100% graduates of our University of WaterStreet professional studies program
  • More than 95% Associate in Insurance Services (AINS) designated
Our Enhancement Strategy

We’ve pursued a continuous improvement process ever since WaterStreet began.

  • We constantly track trends and regulatory developments.
  • In collaboration with our clients, we identify value-added or compliance-related issues.
  • Then we fund innovative enhancement projects that improve our operational environment.
  • We customize the system in response to client requests.
Our Enhancement Process

Our analytic and development staffs have developed sound protocols for logging, building, and testing systems on a development site, then:

  • Moving those systems to a staging site for intensive client testing
  • Cycling client punch-list items back to our analysts
  • After client signoff, elevating systems to production

For client-specific projects, we begin the process with a rough order-of-magnitude estimate to confirm client interest. If the client wishes to proceed, we prepare a statement of work that defines roles, responsibilities, and estimated effort, and then secure client sign-off. We treat every development effort as a separate project, following standard protocols until we deliver the code to the production system.

Our process assures you that your requests will be delivered on time and on budget.